Our Vision



Started in 2017, Dear Self Clothing believes that you matter. It's okay to feel broken. It's okay to feel defeated. But, it's not okay to go through it alone.

Our goal is to encourage others to live their life, as cliche as it sounds. Date
that person, love who you want to love, create rad art + music, start a clothing line, go on that road trip that you've put off, or go see that amazing sunset.

Don't let your dreams live in the past. Our fear is not doing what we love, which is why Dear Self Clothing was created. It's all about you here: You write the letter to yourself; You control your destiny and dreams. We're more than tee shirts, we're a movement. Do amazing things + wear amazing shirts when you're doing it! 

We only survive on your support, please wear your shirt and tell your friends! Use #DearSelfClothing on all social networks to rep us; We may even hook you up with a discount code ;)